Mandatory Monthly Check-in
J-1 Summer Work Travel

To all J-1 Work/Travel participants in the USA: Please fill in and submit the form below.
The following step is very important and is a requirement of the U.S. Department of State and your cultural exchange program.


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(If you are not safe, well and healthy, please contact AAG immediately on our 24-Hour Support Line 1-866-622-7623.
You may also contact your Outreach Coordinator or email us at
We want to hear from you and help you right away.)
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(You are not allowed to change jobs or accept additional jobs without prior verification and approval from AAG. If you begin a job without approval, it could result in the termination of your program.)
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(You are required to report your new address within 10 days of changing residences. Failing to do so could result in the termination of your program.)
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What type of cultural activities/interactions have you experienced during the past 30 days? Cultural Activity could be anything that you’ve tried/experience in the US, that allowed you to learn about American Culture and share your own. For example, dinner with co-workers, trying barbeque, watching superbowl, playing soccer with friends, traveling, local community event, etc. If you answered, No, please tell us why you didn't.
Please provide the details here:

(If you need help getting involved in cultural activities, please contact your Outreach Coordinator for suggestions!)

Tell us how you are feeling about your program right now?
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